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Employee investigation can be conducted in response to a complaint filed against an employee during the course of their job, an allegation against a former employee, or an investigation about a new recruit. If you feel that a former employee created internal follies and has cheated the company in one way or the other, you can still investigate about the matter.

It is always better to go through the employee investigation process in early stages of a recruitment. Have a background check on your future employees, their previous work history, personal relations in the office (if any), assets owned, salary and criminal records with employee investigation.

The employee investigation process is conducted in a confidential manner so as to protect the identity of the employer. At the same time a prompt and effective investigation can help move the case forward.

If you are someone who feels that an employee investigation is the way to find out relevant information about an employee, read on about why you should prefer an investigator rather than hiring an HR directly to conduct the investigation.

Hire a private investigator for Employee investigation. An employee investigation is conducted by professional detectives who are former senior level employees with experience of corporates and firms. We also have detectives with an experience as human resource who are skilled and know the ins and outs of working as an employee in a corporate.

These are the benefits of hiring a private investigator to conduct an employee investigation with us:

  • * Accurate and precise data

  • * Employee investigation report which is based on the data collected during the investigation

  • * Professional and experienced support to detect even the minute things

  • * Managing and looking into things on a micro-management level to ensure complete end to   end investigation.

  • * Unbiased decision making therefore giving out true results.

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It is always better to go through the employee investigation process in early stages of a recruitment...