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Marriage is a wonderful relationship to be in. It starts with two people and ends with two families bonding together. In our Indian culture we have two concepts of marriages – love marriage and arrange marriage. We have seen both of them at the same success ratio and consider no particular way of marriage as a guarantee of having a successful relationship.

Signs that your partner is cheating on you

There is no exact way as to determine if your partner is lying about something or cheating on you. All it takes is a confident lie to get past you and everybody else without blinking an eye, and some people are amazingly well at it. Cheating and lying is not limited to having a love affair, they can even use your money without letting you know about it properly, or they might have been planning on leaving you someday, maybe hiding about their actual profession from you. If you are now wondering that these are all extreme cases and they do not really happen in real life, well you are badly mistaken. This is more common than you can begin to imagine. You might not even know since when they started lying to you? Was it before marriage or after? And this is what makes a matrimonial investigation happen.

However, there are some signs that are common in all the people who cheat after marriage. We take up these as the basic check marks to ensure that we are going in the right direction:

They ignore you. Whenever you make plans with them for dinner, they just skip it. There is always a suspicious voice when you call them at work and they shut you off like they are in a rush always.

Being super careless about you and your needs. They have stopped thinking what you want and rather just focus on themselves. They forget about what ever you tell them, from important events to attending family functions together, they somehow manage to find an escape through all of it.

They have been acting suspicious lately. They hide their phone form you, talk to people only when they are at a safe distance from you from where you can not listen to them. This is extremely annoying when it happens on a regular basis, some office related work can be discussed even when you are around, it is not like you are going to spread all the confidential information anywhere, then why the hiding and lying? Look out If your partner does the same thing, better run a post matrimonial investigation if they are acting like this.

They have been spending money like anything but are not able to explain to your where all the expenditure is happening. There are times when partners cheat on their partners and use money for their hidden ill acts such as buying expensive gifts for their lovers, spending all the money on themselves not understanding your needs or even lying about their income.

How will a post matrimonial investigation help you?

Well there are a large number of factors that are being considered before taking up any investigation case. All India Detective does not take up cases only because you think there is something wrong happening, you need to be true to the team and explain them with a solid reason as to why you think you need a particular investigation, for example a post marriage investigation.

A post matrimony background check is properly run on your partner to ensure that person is not cheating on you in anyway and they are not hiding something from you which could potentially ruin your life and the relationship you two share.

Latest technologies are used to solve your case. High end hidden cameras, voice recorders, video recorders, decoding software are used to make sure that you get your post matrimony information correct without a doubt.

Proper documentation is set up to make sure that we have all the statistics and figures at one place which give you the exact data about your partner.

We go deep in their personal communication lines and get our hands on their bills and the places they go to during office time which you are not even aware of.

We place people in their lives in such random manner that they are not even aware of what’s happening. Our agent could be their next cab driver, or the guard at the gate or just a random stranger sitting right in front of their table in a restaurant.

In this manner we are able to conduct a thorough post matrimonial investigation in a case.

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People cheat and lie whenever they want to. It is not that they are bounded by something when they go for love marriage...